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Here Are The Ebooks That I've Read and Than Have Made a HUGE Difference in My Business Thinking:

"Success leaves clues" -Anthony Robbins

I am 100% convinced that the quote above is absolutly true! And it is more so on the internet. If you want to be succesful on the internet all you need to do is follow the recipee of the people who are being succesful already.

There's a few people you need to know about, that's why instead of recommending ebooks, I will introduce you to them, then you can visit their site and find out more about their Amazing Products.

 Yanik Silver

Yanik Silver from Surefire Marketing

This Guy is responsible of DRAMATICALLY boosting my internet Results, here are some of his products I recommend:

Instant Internet Profits | Public Domain Riches 

Instant Marketing Toolbox | Mind Motivators

 Jim Edwards


 Jim Edwards from Ebookfire.com

His stuff is also great, I also love his video blog "I gotta tell you". These 2 ebooks of his are brilliant!

Niche Advertising Secrets 

Turn Words Into Traffic

 Derek Gehl

 Derek Gehl from  Internet Marketing Center

This guy is the CEO of the Internet Marketing Center, the Company founded by the late Corey Rudl the absolute genious mind that propelled Internet Marketing to a whole new level. Make sure to visit their site, it's full of GREAT Stuff! Also make sure to join their newsletter: "Secrets of their Success" where people like you and me share the secrets of their great accomplishments on the net.

  Visit the Internet Marketing Center

 Marlon Sanders

 Marlon Sanders from the Amazing Formula

This guy is amazing and very very funny, his stuff is incredibly powerful and "hits the nail on the head " every time!

Automate Your Web BusinessBeginners Guide

Ad Copy Secrets | Cash Like Clockwork

Discover advanced profit secrets that Internet millionaires have been reserving for a tiny group of their own high-powered clients... until NOW!

The Accelerated Internet Wealth Video Series

If you're looking for actual "how-to" video demonstrations of million-dollar test results, case studies, and $100,000 research, this is definitely it!

These videos -- there are 9 of them! -- are filled with advanced stealth marketing strategies that can help you to make literally hundreds of times MORE money than your competitors!

I'm talking 13+ hours of highly detailed marketing strategies that Corey never intended to make public. You'll ll learn:

  • How to get "whitelisted" with AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo!
  • How to turn an idea into a profitable web site with almost no upfront cash
  • The simple trick that can reduce your annual advertising budget to $0 in less than 3 days
  • The secret strategy for getting to the TOP of the "Big 3" search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and MNS)
  • Case studies of a new technology that he's using to convert a jaw-dropping 56% of web site visitors into BUYERS!
  • The shocking reason 98% of people complain pay-per-click advertising doesn't work -- and why they're all DEAD WRONG!
  • and MUCH more...

This is the definitive resource for doing business online -- and the best part is that it doesn't matter what stage you're at with your business. There's information here for people who don't even have a web site yet...

... and even for people who are already making $100,000... $500,000... $2,500,000 per year with their Internet businesses!

I give this video series a 10 out of 10 rating.

Click here to view the sample footage from this series!

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