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Here Are The Payment Accepting Services & Shopping Carts I Recommend:





The system I love and use is KickStartCart.com this service has been instrumental for my business to grow the way it has. Most succesful Internet Marketers will use Kickstartcart on their websites!

KickStartCart.com  provides you with a powerful and versatile shopping cart system loaded with all of the essential features you need to make your online venture a success!  (I call KickStartCart my "smart," automated, 24/7, professional sales force).

Compatible with Real-time automated credit card processing!

Email Confirmations sent to Customers within Seconds of their Order!

Automatic tax and shipping calculation
Internal Customer Database means you never type an order by hand
Supports Multiple Web Sites! . . . This can save you thousands of dollars.
Electronic Coupons and Discount Modules Help to Increase Sales!
Hooks up directly with UPS Shipping Tables in Real-Time!
Detailed transaction reporting tools
You can make changes yourself 24/7 . . . and it's easy!

Click here to find out more about Kickstart Cart



Paypal is a CRITICAL part of my Online Money Making Tools. The moment that I started offering paypal as an alternative method of payment my sales went up 250%! That's why you need to make paypal part of your tool box! (Now I know there's some contries that are not supported by paypal. If you happen to live in one of these countries...BE CREATIVE, there's ways around this!)

Another great feature about KickStartCart.com is that you can integrate both and start accepting credit cards almost instantly!

Besides getting a Paypal Account is FREE!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.



ClickBank.com is another ESSENTIAL tool to boost your online success,  ClickBank is the Internet's largest digital marketplace, where thousands of the web's most popular products are sold every day. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or promote digital products, ClickBank is for you.

They offer the possibility of handling payments for you (of course they charge a comission) but the good thing is the FULL payment arrangements are handled by them so you literally do nothing after the system is set!

Click here to get yourself a FREE Click Bank Account



Ashop is another Online Automated Shopping Cart Program.

AShop shopping cart software automates online ordering, payment processing, and digital product delivery so that you can relax and enjoy the profits. Add the eMerchant plug-in to expand customer communications and manage vendor purchase orders, order tracking, and bill entry.

This will be my second option on Shopping Carts ( I use this software as an alternative shopping cart when needed.)

Click here to find out more about Ashop software


Another great option is Ipowerpay.com You can easily and painlessly get setup for your very own merchant account in just a few days. Most merchant accounts are setup with us in a matter of 48-72 hours.

  • FREE Authorize Net Setup

  • FREE Setup - ($195 Setup FEE is Waived

  • FREE Virtual Terminal

  • Monies are deposited directly into YOUR bank account usually within 3 business days from the date of the online sale

  • 100% Online Control Panel for full control

  • Ability to refund customers yourself

  • Take Phone Orders if you choose

  • Accept Visa

  • Accept American Express

  • Accept Discover

  • Accept Mastercard

  • Process them all right now!


Credit Cards

Don't Even Think Of Applying For a Merchant Account Until You Read This!

Of course you need to accept credit cards.

There's no doubt about it. If you're doing business online they will account for over 90% of your SALES!

But here's the problem; it's not easy to get a merchant account if you are a one man show, operating from your 1 bedroom appartment or even if it is the first time you apply for a merchant account as a start up business

Frankly, you can spend weeks and weeks researching to find a company to help you. And IF you do find a decent one, many times you have a steep application fee or other hidden fees. (Plus if you are declined you might not even get the application fee back. Ouch!)

Besides, it can take weeks to get an answer and perhaps you will not even be approved. What's worse, IF you are approved, it could be with a high rate and an upfront deposit, because of your "start up" status.

But now I've got good news for you…

I've found a resource that eliminates all these headaches for you! A company that finally makes it easy to accept credit cards and that actually understands small business owners.

I've literally heard horror stories from people telling me about their merchant accounts experiences. I'm talking about poor tratment from companies, accounts being frozen, thousands of dollars being held "hostage" and worse.

I've been working with ChargeToday.com for years. Their service is fabulous.That's why I can completely endorse them.

Plus you are 99.9999% assured of receiving a credit card merchant account. It is VERY inexpensive and very quick. No complicated paperwork is involved. Just click on the link below and fill out the online application. You will then receive an email with a link to click on. Click on the link, download the paperwork (which is already completely filled out from the online app you completed), print it out, sign it and fax back to them. That's it! And it couldn't be easier.

Click here for the simple online application form

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