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Here are the Traffic Generation Resources I Reccomend:

What's the point having a website if it has has no visitors?

If you want to be succesful on the internet you will need to bring visitors to your site. In this page you'll find the resources I've used succesfully to bring hundreds of thousands of visitors every year to my websites.

My first Recommendation is this revealing website , I will not tell you the name of that site because it will make you curious and you will click on the link!


Pay Per Click Search Engines

The fastest and easiest way to start bringing traffic to your website is using Google AdWords. They are the little square ads that you see on the right side of Google. Make sure to open an account immediatly. Click in the button below to get started:

The Definite Guide to Google Adwords

Great! Now that you have an account you want to know how to effectively use Adwords to your benefit. That's why you need to read Perry Marshall's Ultimate Google Adwords Guide! This book is the absolute best resource to MASTER Pay per click advertising in Google.

Click on the square below to find out more about this unique and critical guide:


Traffic Swarm

This is an interesting concept...

It is like an MLM way to bring traffic to your site, simply display a banner like the one below in the bottom of your site and every time people visiting your site click on that banner, you get credits.

The more credits you have the more your ads will show in other sites and the more traffic you will get.

The service is free and I know every day my sites get about 5% to 10% of their traffic through trafficswarm related sites. Now I'm aware that's not much but hey it's FREE traffic so who cares???

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