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Here Are The Audio, Video & Photo Resources I Recommend:

Just like television took over in the 1950s, online video is "exploding" in popularity as you read this.

Recent changes in technology have made it possible for "non-techie" people just like us to put incredibly powerful videos online very quickly (videos that go FAR beyond simple "talking heads" with a cheap web cam).

In fact, the over-the-counter software and hardware you can buy very inexpensively far surpasses the capabilities of entire TV stations not too many years ago!

The online video revolution is HERE...

That's why I want to recomend 2 products I use myself to promote my product and services through the internet!

Instant Video Generator

This is definitely a great service and is the most professional looking streaming video that you can use on a website!

Sure you can use Video Google or You Tube but you will not be able to avoid the advertising.

This service is cheap, easy to use and most importantly has ZERO ads!

Click here to learn more about Instant Video Generator


 Webmaster Media Maker 

Webmaster media Maker

With Webmaster Media Maker you will be able to generate Streaming Audio and Streaming Video for your website in Minutes! The best part is No monthly fees and No Special Servers are required because you can host the video on your website itself!



AudioGenerator™ puts the power of the human voice on your Website without slow downloads, custom plug-ins, or annoying pop-ups.  All you do is add one “PLAY BUTTON” for each audio message and you’re done!

No matter how long your audio message is, AudioGenerator™ is designed to play the moment you click the “Play Button” … even if you’re on dial-up.

I use it in many of my sites!



Unlimited Photo Storage and Sharing - FREE Trial of SmugMug.

Digital cameras are here to stay and taking thousands of photos is simple, it is the management and sharing aspects that get tricky. Enter SmugMug, the Ultimate in photo sharing!

SmugMug has NO Ads, Pop-ups or SPAM and your visitors will not have to register to see their photos

For a modest fee, you can upload, arrange and share unlimited photos on your own personal website.

Click here for a FREE Trial of SmugMug.

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