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Here Are The Web Designing Tools, PLUS The Domain Purchasing Sites & Hosting Services I Recommend

So How Do I Create A Website???

Well, you'll need to get a website design software!

The 2 most popular are Frontpage® and DreamWeaver®. Personally, I have never used DreamWeaver®. but according to many "experts"  that's the best Web Design Program. 


I've used Frontpage® for a 3 years UNTIL I discovered a better alternative...

The Internet Marketer's Alternative
to FrontPage and DreamWeaver

FrontPage® and DreamWeaver® are both great pieces of software but they were NOT designed with Internet Marketers in mind. XSitePro was, which is why it has rapidly become the web site development tool of choice for Internet Marketers who are serious about running a profitable online business.

I use it myself! Infact this site was designed with xsitepro and it took me literally minutes to create this site! I thoroughly recommend you to get this product!

Click here to see a video on how easy yet powerful this software can be!


Click here to find out more about Xsite Pro

Other Recommendations

NOW, If you REALLY want a FULL and EASY web design solution...

What I recommend is a service called:  

Marketing Makeover Generator!

This service offers you the following:

  • Professionally Designed Opt-In Templates - Simply type-in headlines and sub-headlines and the system figures out which sells the best... EASY!

  • Unlimited Audio Sales Messages -  Simply grab your phone or a microphone, record a personalized promotional message for any of your web pages and the system figures out which sells the best... AMAZING!

  • Unlimited Video Sales Messages -   Simply grab a Webcam and record  a personalized promotional message for any of your web pages and the system figures out which sells the best... REMARKABLE!

  • Unlimited Website-Stats & Conversion-Stats - Simply make one click from anywhere in the world (24/7) and the system instantly tells you what your web page conversions are to  percentage point... INCREDIBLE!

  • Unlimited Exit Surveys -  Simply put an unstoppable exit pop-up on the most abandoned web page and the system asks and finds out why your prospects are leaving without making a purchase... WILD!

  • Unlimited Auto Responders - Simply write a few follow-up messages for your prospects who have opted-in via the Templates and the system automatically and robotically sends out personalize  text email messages... TERRIFIC!

  • Unlimited Email Database - Simply get  opt-ins via the Templates and the system safely and reliably stores them into an online database... INCREDIBLE!

    Click here for a $1.00 Trial of Instant Makeover Generator

Or another Alternative for web designing is a product called: Design Dashboard:

You can find out more about this useful product by clicking here

Hosting and Domain Names

A question I get ALL THE TIME: Who hosts your websites? I've tried a lot of companies and I've never been really satisfied with any of them. I now use 2 service that I find excellent!

 In my eyes the best  hosting companies BY FAR are:

1) Site 5 A total hosting solution, with a gazillion goodies at a really cheap price!

2) Go Daddy is SUPER for purchasing cheap domains and they have the  best customer service on the net! 

Go Daddy $1.99 Domains

3) Make sure to Include Google Adsense on all your pages to make money instantly with your websites. Click on the button bellow to open a FREE account!

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